JUROR - Paula Tognarelli  Paula Tognarelli’s Mix Tape at Lenscratch


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GRAND PRIZE Dean Forbes Shadow roots

FIRST PLACE Donna Garcia Chemistry.

FIRST PLACE Bruce Haswell Atunga Farm

FIRST PLACE Jane Ivory Reflected, Ghost Ranch

SECOND PLACE David Bartlett Window, Banyan Street

SECOND PLACE Pelin Guven Bird Cages

SECOND PLACE Michael Jorgensen Corn Palace

THIRD PLACE William Grabowski Sightless-Auschwitz

THIRD PLACE Marjorie Kaufman Blue Room

THIRD PLACE J. K. Lavin Crisis of Experience: March 7, 1981

JUROR'S SELECTION Bill Clark Patience

JUROR'S SELECTION James Collins Pill Bug

JUROR'S SELECTION Nicholas Fedak II Apparition

JUROR'S SELECTION Raymond Germann Grafitti Wall

JUROR'S SELECTION Michael Hart San Francisco Crosswalk

JUROR'S SELECTION Susan Jacobs Parabola


JUROR'S SELECTION Antoanetav Minchev Off to New Adventures

JUROR'S SELECTION C E Morse Sumac and Snow

JUROR'S SELECTION Jayanta Roy Nature is Like Music