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Photography has joined sculpture, painting, pastels etc. as a significant presence in the art world.


After representing photographers at several art expos in New York, Santa Fe and Miami, NYC4PA has booked gallery space at 

ART EXPO SAN DIEGO  to be held November 3 - 5, 2023. We are offering a limited number of photographers the opportunity to

present their work(s) at this event that attracts art collectors, decorators, publishers, gallery owners, etc. With sales at RED DOT Miami as well as past shows in New York and Santa Fe this is a great opportunity to get your work out and be seen. Email us at NYC4PA@GMAIL.COM for more information and a signup package.


Participants have the following to say about exhibiting with us;


Annette  (ARTEXPO NY 2018, ARTEXPO NY 2019, ARTSantaFe 2019) - "I have worked with NYC4PA for a couple years and exhibited and sold my artwork with them at several different locations. The overall experience is outstanding and I can’t wait to exhibit with them again at Art Expo NY in 2020."


Scot  (ARTEXPO NY 2019, ARTSantaFe 2019) - "NYC4PA turned my Golden Dancer into a red dot!  Maddi and Patricia clearly make Art Fair visitors feel welcome to gaze and engage."                                                                                    
What we offer our participants:
1 – Wall space in a heavily trafficked area  (For a view of an NYC4PA expo booth click on EVENTS and RED DOT MIAMI.)

2 – Promoting through NYC4PA and show sponsors 

3 - Curating, hanging

4 - NYC4PA representation in the booth at all times 

5 - Sales 

6 - Collecting of contact information and follow up with visitors that expressed interest in an artists work will be provided to all artists when the show closes. 





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